Jenn Becker Biography

bio-hero-imageDairy cows. That was my life until 6 years ago when I got the ridiculous idea I needed to buy a bow…

I grew up on an 1,100 cow dairy farm in Eden Valley, MN. Was actively involved with sports, 4-H and FFA, in high school, judging and showing dairy cows as well as working on the dairy and being involved in the day to day operations.

I obtained my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Minnesota in Animal Science in 2009. At the University, I brought my athletic ability to the of the women’s track and field team, running the 400 meter hurdles and the 600 meters, for 3 years. My studies also brought me to internships around the US and around the globe in the dairy industry.

Following my graduation from undergrad, I immediately continued on to my Master’s degree program at the University of Minnesota in applied dairy cattle genetics and statistics. During my second year of grad school, I bought my first bow. There were a large number of my students, as well as male friends who were big into deer hunting every fall. I simply thought, “If they can do it, why can’t I?” I didn’t know how much of a challenge this venture would be. A countless number of hours were spent up trees and trying to figure out bow hunting that first fall.

turkeyIn the past 6 years of pursuing success in the world of bow hunting, I’ve learned a lot from trial and error, experts, articles and my fellow hunters. The definition of success can vary wildely from person to person. As an outdoors person, successfully harvesting a hitlist buck comes to mind. To me, success comes with in experience.

Was harvesting my first animal hard? Yes. Was harvesting my second animal hard? Yes. Am I successful in notching my tag on every hunt or bring home a limit of fish on every outing? No. Many times I’ve come home empty-handed. But, the experience and knowledge I’ve gained first-hand from each outing is success enough for me.

As I am still a beginner in the world of hunting and fishing, I love to share my experiences with those just like me, or even those who aren’t beginners. Hunting and fishing has led me to many parts of the country and the globe. Experiencing new places, meeting amazing people, pushing myself to “be successful”.