“Hunting, fishing, and fitness are my passions. And I’m always looking for my next adventure doing any of these.”

About Me

I didn’t grow up hunting and fishing, I actually grew up on a large dairy farm and much of my upbringing revolved around dairy cows and farming, and today it still is, as I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Animal Sciences and I am involved career-wise in the dairy industry.  It wasn’t until very recently that I picked up a bow or a fishing rod-6 years ago I bought my first bow and 3 years ago started fishing.

One thing that really draws me to the outdoor realm is the challenge it has thrown at me, not just mentally but physically.  I was a multi-sport athlete growing up, and took that to the University of Minnesota women’s track and field team, as a student athlete for 3 years.  I’ve continued to put a lot of emphasis on being physically active through my local Crossfit gym and I really do believe that has helped me immensely with the success I’ve had hunting big game and fishing.

As I am still a beginner in the world of hunting and fishing, I love to share my experiences with those just like me, or even those who aren’t beginners. Hunting and fishing has led me to many parts of the country and the globe. Experiencing new places, meeting amazing people, and pushing myself to be successful.