6 Ways To Improve Your Deer Hunting Success This Offseason

by Zach Wolfe

Your offseason preparation begins at the end of every deer season. You can improve your deer hunting success in the field by utilizing these 6 tips.

Deer hunting is similar to studying for a midterm exam. You have months of preparation time available leading up to the test. But it comes down to how you utilize that time that makes the difference between a failed attempt or a successful outcome. Same goes for hunting.

How you prepare during the offseason will likely translate into how many missed opportunities or successful hunts you have next season. Use your time wisely this offseason by practicing these tactics to improve your deer hunting success.

1. Marksmanship

Practicing your ability to capitalize on an opportunity to harvest a deer is arguably the most important factor of hunting. Whether your weapon of choice is a bow or rifle, if you’re an avid hunter or first timer, the offseason is a perfect time to hone your marksmanship.

Try setting aside four hours a week to get some target practice in. If you have the option of shooting from your stand, it’ll be even more effective. Focus on the fundamentals of shooting: maintaining proper sight alignment and sight picture, finding your natural point of aim, controlling your breathing, practicing a slow steady squeeze and using proper follow through techniques.

When the deer of a lifetime takes those long anticipated steps next season, you’ll be happy you did.

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