These 10 Things Can Ruin Your Turkey Hunt


Avoid These Things for a Better Turkey Hunt

And you thought your morning would be a slam dunk. Think again.

1. Trespassers

As far as you know, you’re the only hunter with permission on the property. The landowner told you so. Nothing is sweeter, right? But when two guys appear at the field edge, you know better. Slowly but surely, they start belly-crawling in on the strutter coming toward your position.

Choose your words carefully.

2. Food

That delicious but spicy deuce of chili dogs from the corner stand. The all-you-can-eat seafood platter at the questionable diner. Both can spell trouble. Pigging out on the stuff can spoil your next morning – and afternoon into roosting time.

As for the aging luncheon meat in the camp fridge: toss it. No questions asked.

3. Farm Work

They’ve got to get their work done, too. Maybe you came close to killing a bird this morning. And you aren’t ready to give up on the boss tom. A gobble comes, answering your mid-morning calls. He’s getting closer. And so is the tractor on the access road. Stand up. Dust yourself off.

Tomorrow, as grandma has always said, is another day.

4. Jakes

They’re notorious for rushing turkey fakes and hanging around. A bunch of them can even intimidate a boss tom. These teenagers don’t know any better. They’re goofy and persistent. These shortbeards are a threat to your pleasant little longbeard hunt.

Run them off – unless of course you want to shoot one for the grill.

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