10 Ways to Increase Your Effective Kill Range


Have You Already Tried These Things?

As bowhunters, we’re constantly working to hone our craft. And when we aren’t, we should be. It’s easy to let it slide. Busy lives often make archers who practice an endangered species. Nonetheless, it’s important we try to get better.

Other people might not have that problem. Maybe they just feel they’ve plateaued in their abilities. It’s a common occurrence.

Regardless of your scenario, there are things we can all do to improve our skills. And each of these things will help motivate us. Why? Because you’ll see results. And when you see results, motivation comes much easier. And soon you’ll see your effective kill range begin to lengthen.

1 | Have a Smoother Release

Most of the time, our problems are in our hands. Literally. Make sure you are slowly releasing the trigger. Don’t jerk the trigger. Don’t torque your hand. Relax. Take deep breathes. Smoothly release the arrow.

Another issue is a bad release. All too often people use release aids that are sticky, jumpy, stiff, etc. Releases should be smooth and flawless in doing their jobs. Anything less is unacceptable. You’ll never be as effective as you could be by using a subpar release.

2 | Perfect the Follow Through

A lot of people practice a bad follow through. Some people drop their bow as the arrow leaves. Others let it fall sideways. Keep the bow still until the arrow reaches the target. Doing this will ensure you don’t negatively affect the flight of the arrow with a bad follow through. Once the arrow hits, allow the bow to slowly tip forward.


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