5 Reasons Why You Should Not Shed Hunt

by Colton Bailey

You always see articles on “how to” and “where to” shed hunt. Here is why you shouldn’t shed hunt.

It is that time of the year again. Oh, and social media will let you know it. More shed hunting pictures, articles, and stories than a shed hunting fanatic can handle.

It seems every die hard whitetail hunter hits the woods and puts in miles for piles this time of the year, for many different reasons of course. In many ways, it is a redneck’s Easter egg hunt. A challenging sport, but oh so rewarding.


If you don’t like shed hunting, or don’t like the idea of becoming a better hunter and outdoorsman, then I’d like to address you. I am going to tell you exactly why you should NOT take part in an activity that seems to be growing and growing by the year. See if you can sense a little sarcasm…

1. You don’t need to scout to be successful.

Do you like killing big deer or deer in general? Sure you can get lucky some times, but consistently being successful in the deer words usually requires some scouting, effort, and time in the woods during the off season. Shed hunting is a great way to get out and see areas of your property that you didn’t during deer season.

Find those buck beds, find those heavily used areas that you didn’t want to pressure during season, find those pinch points and funnels that you haven’t been hunting.

Gain insightful information on your property that could help you land that buck next year while also finding some antlers? You can knock out two birds with one stone!

Yeah, good call, scouting and understanding your property isn’t a good idea, you definitely should NOT shed hunt.

And antlers…that brings me to my next point.


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