5 Tips to Plan Your 2017 Spring Turkey Hunt


Ask Questions Now to Have Answers Later

It’s winter, and the outdoor show season, but spring isn’t far away. What you do now – especially the questions you ask – can help make this year’s gobbler-chasing campaign successful.

1. Permit and Lottery Hunt Deadlines?

Such details can easily be forgotten during your busy days.

Spring’s hunts are far from your mind. They shouldn’t be. Check deadline dates for turkey hunting permit and lottery applications. Even then, it might be a bit late. Call state wildlife management officials to get an inside angle on what’s expected of hunters. Follow the procedure. Do they offer special archery turkey hunts? Are lottery permits often leftover?

Tip: Once you acquire application dates and other important details, write them down on an old-school calendar or put these deadlines in your phone’s planner, scheduled as reminders.

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